1. 墨爾本大學


  • 音樂學士學位,或音樂相關學士
  • 樂器演奏等同澳洲音樂檢定考(AMEB)8級以上
  • 基礎吉他技能
  • 有長期義工或社區服務經驗證明
  • 在大學就讀期間曾修習過心理專業課程
  • 合格臨床音樂治療師機構觀察報告一份
  • 在大學曾修習過至少一年以上音樂史
  • 等同澳洲音樂檢定考(AMEB)5級以上樂理
  • 入學沒有配額限制,但臨床培訓位置有限
  • 台灣地區英文版良民證


Audition DVD ~ 6首歌曲,可混和古典或爵士:巴洛式、古典、浪漫、現代曲風。演唱3首歌曲:組曲、流行曲或民謠,可搭配樂器或吉他


3 位推薦人報告~一位品格推薦人,一位學術推薦人, 一位音樂推薦人;推薦人需至少認識申請人一年以上!.




  • The Australian Music Therapy Assocation:
  • The American Music Therapy Association:
  • Voices - A World Forum for Music Therapy:
  • Davis, W., Gfeller, K., & Thaut, M. (1999). An Introduction to Music Therapy Theory and Practice. 2nd edition. McGraw-Hill

2. 西雪梨大學  Western Sydney University

Master of Creative Music Therapy 


Applicants must have successfully completed an undergraduate degree in any discipline and Must attend an audition.

表演面試 Audition:

You will be selected on an interview/audition in which personal aptitude and professional experience are taken into consideration. At your audition you will be asked to:

a) play two contrasting pieces on your first instrument, or if you are a vocalist, sing two contrasting pieces;

b) play a piece on your second instrument;

c) sight read a melody (instrumental and vocal);

d) harmonise a melody on the piano or other western polyphonic instrument;

e) improvise three simple variations on the piano or other western polyphonic instrument, on a given theme;

f) perform a free improvisation based on a given subject/theme, on the piano or an instrument of your choice. The improvisation should preferably be atonal.

Note: The piano must be included in a) or b).

Applicants who are unable to attend the audition in person will undertake a remote audio-visual audition (see b, c, d, e, and f. above.) Prior to the remote audition, these applicants should submit a DVD demonstrating musical proficiency (see a. above) - play two contrasting pieces on your first instrument, or if you are a vocalist, sing two contrasting pieces) and

書面學術論文 essay  

an essay of 1,500 words, describing their knowledge of Creative Music Therapy and why they wish to study it. The essay should include at least 4 references and use APA format. 

3. 昆士蘭大學 University of Queensland

Master of Music Therapy 


Bachelor of Music in a field other than Music Therapy, plus audition and interview; or 3 year Bachelor degree preferably in psychology or an allied health discipline plus audition and interview. 


Applicants will be required to submit the following: 

1) 2 statements from referees;
2) a Curriculum Vitae (Resume); and
3) a personal statement detailing why you should be selected and detailing your experience with musical instruments.

International applicants may send an audio or visual recording and be interviewed by telephone. Auditions will comprise: Essential: Performance on primary instrument - 3 pieces of contrasting styles. Desirable: Performance on piano/guitar at a level suitable to accompany singing Desirable: Vocal performance self-accompanied on piano and/or guitar. Applicants must also meet the prerequisite introductory psychology courses (PSYC1020, PSYC1030 and PSYC1040 or their equivalents from other universities). 


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